This config automatically scans all sites in /var/www/html and makes an alias out of the subdomain. Additionally it detects if there is a www folder inside the site folder.


$sites = array_diff(scandir('/var/www/html'), array('..', '.'));
foreach ($sites as $val) {
  $tmp = explode('.', $val)[0];
  if (file_exists("/var/www/html/${val}/www")) {
    $aliases[$tmp]['root'] = "/var/www/html/${val}/www";
  } else {
    $aliases[$tmp]['root'] = "/var/www/html/${val}";
  $aliases[$tmp]['uri'] = "http://${val}";
  $aliases[$tmp]['path-aliases']['%drush'] = '/usr/bin';
  $aliases[$tmp]['path-aliases']['%site'] = 'sites/default/';

if we have the following sites:

# ls /var/www/html/

We now see this automatically:

# drush site-alias

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